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Genfac Plastics and Sustainability

Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation
At Genfac Plastics, we are committed to being an active player in driving improved environmental sustainability outcomes and contributing to the national circular economy. We therefore constantly strive to advance our practices and produce more sustainable products. As a leading manufacturer of plastics food packaging and an active member of the Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation (APCO), we are invested in our industry’s vision to “collaborate to keep packaging materials out of landfill and retain the maximum value of the materials, energy and labour within the local economy”.

Our achievements to date include:

  • Installing one of Australia’s largest privately owned roof-top solar farms. This solar farm, which is made up of some 3,900 solar panels, generates 1.2 megawatts of power and goes close to fulfilling all our energy needs. The carbon offset is the equivalent of taking more than 300 cars of the road each year.
  • Building a state-of-the art manufacturing facility which has a closed-loop water supply system that eliminates the need to source main water for product production purposes.
  • Designing food packaging that is readily recyclable and accepted in most kerbside recycling systems around Australia.
  • Producing affordable food storage and ribbed freezer grade food containers which are reusable and enable the hygienic and safe food storage, thereby playing a role in minimising food wastage and protecting human health.

Our Commitment:

At Genfac we recognise that plastics can play a pivotal role in supporting enhanced environmental and sustainability outcomes, including when used for food packaging. We are therefore committed to a wide range of actions which will help us to fulfill our vision and further enhance our sustainability credentials. This commitment includes the following actions which we will undertake over the coming years:

  • Progressively incorporate the Australian Recycling Logo (ARL) on all products produced by Genfac Plastics in order to support the community to make the right decisions with respect to disposal of our packaging products and support national resource recovery outcomes.
  • Play a proactive role to progressively reduce demand for / and phase-out of non-recyclable plastic packaging.
  • Incorporate post-consumer recycled content into our product range where it is feasible to do so.
  • Designing and producing picnic ware for reuse, coupled with consumer education to lengthen the life span of these products.