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About Us

Genfac Plastics is a 100% proudly Australian owned family business and has become the leading manufacturer of plastics food packaging in Australia. We offer our customers an extensive range of food grade certified and recyclable food containers, cups, picnic and party ware.

As our products are used mainly within the food and beverages industry, we understand the importance of having high levels of hygiene and quality standards. With a state of the art manufacturing facility located in Melbourne which utilises the latest technology, our products are manufactured to the highest standard using only 100% raw virgin food contact grade material, together with our heavily automated plant, our customers are able to use the highest quality products of its kind in the world. Our high level of automation allows minimal human contact with our products ensuring the highest level of hygiene is adhered to. Furthermore, we conduct regular quality control checks on our production lines to ensure the highest quality products are being manufactured at all times.

We are dedicated to offering our customers a range of environmentally friendly products. Our products are all recyclable after use, together with our new facility, our products leave a very insignificant carbon footprint on our environment, making our products environmentally friendly when disposed of correctly.

With more than 30 years of experience in plastics manufacturing, our business is built on a solid foundation and we pride ourselves in offering our customers the very best quality and service that simply cannot be found elsewhere. Together with our competitive pricing and product quality guarantee, we are confident that you won’t find a better product than ours.”